Network Marketing


We provide a wide range of network marketing

Social Media

In today's world, most people cannot imagine life without social media.

Relations with our customers are invaluable in almost every activity.

Social networking sites in many cases are the best tool for building these relationships and turn them into profit.

What toes our profile management look like?
  • We set strategies for action - that is, what is your goal and how we want to achieve it.
  • Professional graphics - posts with graphics generate much more attention than with text alone, and posts with specially selected and created graphics maximize these statistics.
  • Creating creative materials - unique content that will build your image, interest and intrigue your audience.
We currently run profiles on the following portals: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin.


There are few things that develop all activity so quickly as words. Whether someone likes it or not - the form of communication is often at least like this as important as its content.

Why are our texts so eagerly read and persuasive?
  • We prepare all materials that can be used to achieve the goal
  • We develop a detailed profile of recipients
  • We define value for recipients
  • We simplify the text to make it understandable to the largest possible audience
  • We define as the best text structure
  • We care about the uniqueness of the content
  • We present all content in the best possible visual setting
We write texts for any purpose: advertisements, websites, ebooks, etc.


Driving on the highway you see a yellow "M" in the distance and you know it's Mctonald's.

You see a device that has the image of a bitten apple on the casing and you know that it's Apple and the person using the device has a swoosh i on their clothes you know it's Nike.

A well-made logo and name accelerates the development of your business, attracts customers and identifies them with your brand. It differentiates your products and services from the competition.

Our branding service, i.e. logo and name, consists in creating them in the following way:
  • Simple - easy to associate and remember
  • Unique - without copying and ready-made templates
  • Consistent - the elements fit together
  • Recognizable - standing out from the rest

Email/SMS Marketing

Email and SMS advertising campaigns are the best way to get direct and quickly reaching large groups of recipients in the shortest possible time with lowest cost.

  • We use the best sending tools,
  • We create detailed campaign statistics and reports
  • We manage the list of recipients
  • We care about compliance with the GDPR guidelines
  • We allow you to plan shipments
  • We optimize and take care of the visual setting of the content

Event Marketing

to you have an idea for an event and to not know how to organize and promote it?

Or toes it not bring the expected publicity?

We will comprehensively deal with the promotion of your event.

Why is it worth creating events?
  • To earn directly - selling tickets, or services and products on it.
  • Promotion of your brand, product or service
  • Building relationships with recipients
We provide effective advertising of the event both in traditional and online form. We also provide assistance in organizing events and consulting.

The Power of Advertising

Dear Entrepreneur!

"Multiply your profits" - these types of slogans probably surround you on a daily basis from various sources. Lots of companies and people promise mountains of gold - unfortunately, very often these are promises without covers...


So how can you be sure that GrindDev is the right choice for your purposes online marketing?

Well.. you can't until you try to trust us.

Risk is always inscribed in your activity and courage to take it making we love working with you.


Let's start our cooperation with small orders that to not require large quantities outlays financial and time.

Let us show you how many benefits cooperation with us can bring to yours business!


We are only interested in good results

CTR, CPC, CPM and other specialized indicators, concepts... most of them we keep for myself.

In cooperation with us, we are interested in practical and measurable things for you, such as:
  • How many times has a customer contacted you?
  • How much did it cost you to acquire a client?
  • How many products and services have you sold at what profit?

Thanks to the answers to such questions, both parties know exactly how effective they are our cooperation is carried out.

Tailor-made cooperation!

Advertising is supposed to fit you and your business, not the other way around.

At the very beginning, we thoroughly examined your strengths and needs, as well as the characteristics of your business.

We match the best tools and forms of advertising thanks to which you will achieve with us best results!


The prices given are GROSS prices, i.e. final prices, there are NO additional fees.

Service Gross Price
Handling Social Media Page
(4 posts per month)

1 portal price 200€

2 portals price 350€

3 portals price 450€

Handling Social Media Page
(8 posts per month)

1 portal price 350€

2 portals price 600€

3 portals price 750€

Handling Social Media Page
(12 posts per month)

1 portal price 600€

2 portals price 800€

3 portals price 950€


To determine


from 500€

Prepare email capmaign template


SMS campaign

0.05 € / SMS

Event Marketing

To determine

Email Campaigns

to 1000 price 20.00 €

to 5000 price 40.00 €

to 10000 price 60.00 €

to 25000 price 120.00 €

to 50000 price 180.00 €

to 80000 price 210.00 €

to 160000 price 300.00 €