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Revolutionize Your Business with our Mobile Apps

Unlock the full potential of your brand with custom mobile solutions. Elevate your user experience to new heights.

Unlock the Power of Mobile Apps for Your Business

In an era where smartphone usage is soaring, the significance of mobile applications in our daily lives cannot be overstated. Discover how a bespoke mobile app can elevate your business.

Enhance User Engagement:

Utilize push notifications to maintain a direct line of communication with your users, right from their phone's home screen.
Leverage location services to offer innovative and valuable features.
Integrate voice control for an effortless user experience.

Prestige and Visibility

Elevate your brand's prestige and visibility with a custom mobile app, setting you apart from the competition.

Seamless Accessibility

With mobile apps, your business remains at your users' fingertips, even offline.


Strengthen your online business's security and protect your users' data with advanced cybersecurity measures.

User-Friendly Interface

Offer a superior, tailor-made user experience with a design that outperforms mobile websites.


Unlock endless opportunities with our integrations with other services.

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One application many possibilities



Mobile applications for Android
Dive into the vast Android market with our mobile applications, capturing approximately 84% of the market share.



Target iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users with our specialized iOS applications, tapping into roughly 16% of the market share.


Cross-Platform Excellence

Broaden your reach with mobile apps designed to perform seamlessly across both Android and iOS devices.

Maximize Your Visibility

Launch your application on the leading platforms:

Google Play
App Store


With our subscription model, you can launch a professional mobile application without hefty upfront costs. The site quickly starts paying for itself, offering additional benefits and turning it into a reliable investment that generates profit, rather than an unnecessary expense.

Our service encompasses everything — from the creation and maintenance of your mobile application to its ongoing updates and development. This includes registration, optimization, continuous monitoring, secure backups, and technical support, all without any hidden fees or extra charges.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the internet, changes occur rapidly. A mobile application that is perfectly tailored today might become outdated in just a year or two, failing to match the current realities and standards.

That's why we remain vigilant, constantly enhancing and updating your mobile application to ensure it stays relevant and effective in the fast-paced digital world.

Included in your package is an unlimited number of changes to your mobile application. You have the freedom to modify functionalities and content as you see fit, all without incurring any additional fees.

After paying for the minimum period of the specified package, the mobile application becomes 100% your property. You have the flexibility to transfer it elsewhere at any time. Furthermore, should you wish to do so, we will assist with the migration free of charge. Of course, we strive to deliver such high-quality services that you'll find no need to move your site elsewhere.


Streamlined and effective project execution

We prioritize establishing strong partnerships and delivering a mobile application precisely tailored to your specifications. Our process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, ensuring a seamless execution from start to finish. We focus on clear communication and effective strategies, making the entire journey of mobile application creation a smooth and rewarding experience.

Free Consultation

During our complimentary consultation, you share information about your business and your specific needs. Based on this conversation, we propose tailored solutions to address your requirements. The consultation can be scheduled at a time and in a format that suits you best, whether it's through chat or a conversation.

Business Analysis

We conduct a thorough business analysis to tailor the mobile application to your specific needs. Based on the information you provide and a comprehensive examination of your market, we gather vital insights that serve as the foundation for the mobile application design.

Design Phase

With all the necessary information in hand, we proceed to create a mobile application design that perfectly aligns with your needs. Once the design is ready, we submit it to you for approval.


During the work, you will be kept informed about the progress and will have a real-time preview.


We publish the completed mobile application on the selected platforms, and from that moment on, it starts working diligently to achieve the set goals!

Continuous Care

Our work doesn't stop there - we monitor the mobile application, ensure security, track traffic, create backups, and if necessary, make modifications and updates.

Book a free and no-obligation consultation and discover how you can benefit from a mobile application we build for you

A plan tailored to you


The prices given are GROSS prices, i.e. final prices, there are NO additional charges.

Includes the cost of domain, 24/7 technical support, server, SSL certificate, email, graphics support.

Mini N

EUR 300 per month

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Simple native app
(for one system).

Mini C

EUR 400 per month

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A simple cross-platform application
(for multiple systems).

Medium N

EUR 800 per month

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Advanced native application
(for one system).

Medium C

EUR 1200 per month

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Advanced native application
(for multiple systems).


EUR ... per month

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Owing to the intricacy of these apps, only a complimentary individual valuation is applicable.