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IT Infrastructure provided by GrindDev

We are managing over 300 server instances

  • Every linux distribution (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Linux Mint)
  • VDS, VPS, Dedicated Servers.
  • Server virtualization - KVM, Xen HVM, VMware.
  • Individual project suitable for you company (type, specifications, quantities and locations of servers).
  • Backing up, monitoring, maintenance, migrations.

Enterprise ready full monitoring solution

  • Network, server, cloud, application and service monitoring
  • High performance problem detection in real-time.
  • Highly flexible definition options.
  • Flexible graphs capable of displaying regular and aggregate data.
  • Security and privacy of collected data.

Data is your key for success!

Our Database Support Services


Database Architecture Design - Build a centralized database architecture lining up with the business procedures & functions.


Performance Tuning - To maximize use of system resources so that they perform as efficiently and rapidly as possible


Patch Management - For fixing bugs and improving system performance


Security Management - Set up processes and procedures to protect and secure a database


Upgradation and Migration - Identifying and resolving bugs, internal errors, and other technical issues, thereby reducing performance lag or downtime. We also enable customers to move on to the latest versions of the database or to the cloud and modernize their technology infrastructure.


Backup and Recovery Management - Create and store copies of data that can be used to protect organizations against data loss

Gain best privacy with your OWN VPN

  • Fewer points of trust (safer).
  • Lower cost and fewer limitations.
  • Expert-managed, high-speed servers.
  • Access servers in dozens of global locations.
  • Cloud based solutions.
  • Object storage, file storage, block storage.
  • Ecosystem of client and server apps allowing users to synchronize, and share and collaborate on files
  • Content delivery network (CDN)

Communication Solutions

  • Massive email campaigns, newsletters.
  • Self hosted communication application.
  • Managing email servers.
  • SMS campaigns, newsletters.
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