Leads to yoursuccess!

    "Back to the Roots" is an annual charity street basketball tournament. Through online auctions, the organizers collect money for those in need every year.
    To support them in their activities, we made a website for them and an advertising campaign in social media, which resulted in publicity about the campaign across the country.
    As for the website, we tried to give the maximum of the street basketball atmosphere, which is accompanied by graffiti and hip-hop music.
    Hence we used a background imitating concrete, we bravely gave a graffiti style font, we used a few non-standard basketball themes and placed a clock used in basketball games to count down the time to the tournament.
    From the technical side, we have created a comprehensive auction and registration system for teams. Thanks to such automation, the organizers have no problem with carrying out hundreds of auctions at the same time and writing dozens of teams.


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