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    The project GrindDev was created to help others through programming and marketing activities on the Internet.
    Nowadays, Internet is very important for business and society.
    We are characterized by uniqueness - we approach each project very individually.
    We want all our work to be original and serve our clients best.
    We are not boldly afraid of breaking patterns.
    If you want to enter the world of the internet, or you sare already there but you feel that you are not using its full potential - there is no better choice than GrindDev.

    The GrindDev project team are young developers and internet marketers.
    Each of us devotes himself to his profession, where he gains knowledge, thanks to which GrindDev can offer access to the quality of services.
    In addition to working with passion, each of us is an altruist and loves to help others - these are the main reasons for which we have a great atmosphere thanks to which we have very good contact with customers whose satisfaction with our services is fuel for us.

    GrindDev is a new company founded very recently - in 2018.
    Despite this, we can boast large orders and a group of satisfied customers.
    Initially, it was a project aimed at helping the needy and socially active, gaining experience and new skills.
    Our group grew so fast that we decided to turn it into a commercial company.
    Of course, we did not abandon the original goal of the project and, apart from commercial orders, we help for free, we help social and charitable institutions.

    The name of our company, GrindDev, usually arouses mystery among recipients.
    Grind - it can be said that this is the life philosophy of the founder of our company.
    In short, it means continuous and continuous development, giving your best in everything you do, no matter what it is.
    In turn, Dev is an abbreviation for Development, which in our case is software development

Grind-Dev is a group of real IT enthusiasts. We had the opportunity to cooperate on many projects and we will continue our cooperation. The team consists of word-savers, suitably qualified and trustworthy people. Working with them is pure pleasure.

Oleg Zech

GNUHost owner

Specialists from Grind-Dev have made a lot of projects for us. All of them have been completed in accordance with our requirements and are still operating without any complaints. The 24/7 help they offer is an undoubted advantage.

Ivan Savic


Experts in programming with a big heart. They made a comprehensive website for us completely free of charge, thanks to which we can conduct charity auctions, and an automated system to organize and manage our tournament. The unique look of the site reflecting our atmosphere has great reviews among the recipients.

Streetball Mogilno

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